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QR Charging with EverCharge
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Charging with QR Codes


QR Charge using your Phone Camera

  1. Open your SmartPhone camera app and scan the QR code. 
  2. You will accept terms and if the charger is available move to the next step.
  3. Accept terms if any, and pay the deposit.

Example of what a QR code looks like. This QR code will open to"ADDStationID" , this is beneath the QR code on the sticker on the Charger faceplate.


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​​​​​QR Charging with Mobile App


Download the iOS app from the Apple App Store or the Android app from Google Play Store. 



The mobile application is currently only compatible with QR code charging. 


  1. Open the EverCharge App, first open you will sign in with Google if on Android or with Apple ID if on Apple.
  2. Once in you will see four Tabs across the bottom of the screen: Active, History, Devices, and Support
  3. You choose, "Begin Public Charging Session" then on the next screen enter the Station ID of the Charger or Scan the QR code on the front of the Charger.



After choosing "Start Session" on Android (Left picture) and Apple (Right picture) you will choose the payment option.




Apple Pay, and Google Pay work on the App and Website. The Debit/Credit card option only works in the EverCharge App.


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QR Charging Billing: How does it work?


  • How will I pay for the charging?
    • You will pay through Google Pay or Apple Pay if using a website directly with QR code. If using the app, you can also additionally use Debit/Credit.
  • I was billed for more energy than I actually received?
    • If there is a difference in cost between actual charge amount and the QR deposit the difference will be credited back within 10 business days.


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